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Support and Protection Policy

We are committed to making your selling and purchase a happy experience on

We are therefore interested in your safety on this platform. As much as we can, we have employed safety measures to prevent scammers from hurting you.

It is also important that on your part, you take the underlisted precautionary measures to prevent scammers from hurting you.


1.    Make and receive Payment Electronically:
Using Mobile Money, Payment Card or any e-payment method is more secure since you leave a digital trail of all transaction activities including who paid; who received; when transacted and possibly the location. If any issue arises, you might likely get a reverse payment.

2.     Meet in Person:
 It is wise to meet the seller/buyer in person and verify the item before payment

3.     Use our rating and review section
We do not influence the rating system by any means. Although we cannot the guarantee the genuineness of the review content, they are likely to come from real people like you with usage experience. 

4.     Rate products and services you receive on
Your doing this protects great sellers and prevent others from being hurt.

5.     Be wary of offers that appear too good to be true:
Ask yourself, why are others offering the same item in the same condition at a far higher price? What shall I lose if it turns out to be fake or a scam?

6.     Use our compare feature:
This feature gives you an understanding of prices of similar items and note potential scam.

7.     Immediately report to the nearest police station and notify us so we can collaborate with the police to resolve your issue (we cannot fully guarantee that all issues will be resolved to your satisfaction).

8.     Do not give your sensitive banking details:
It not our business to know your Mobile Money PIN number, your ATM card details. Neither is it that of a buyer or a seller. Your banking details are confidential, DO NOT GIVE THEM OUT.

9.   Read carefully any prompt for payment on your cell phone before you proceed to accept and pay. Carefully note the style and spellings from your payment providers and compare to any incoming request for payment

Our dealings with you shall never require, obligate, or commit you to giving us your personal details such as SSNIT Number, ATM card Details, Mobile Money PIN or your password to any service. Please contact us if anyone claiming to representing us request for any of these.

Contact us through for anything regarding fraud, or suspected fraud.

If you have any questions about this Support and Protection Policy, please contact us through